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Skincare With a Focus on the Eyes

Salsbury Eyecare is pleased to welcome Visionary Esthetics to the family. Visionary Esthetics offers beauty and rejuvenation services with a focus on eye health, eye-safe ingredients, and dry eye treatments.

Many patients ask why we offer esthetics at our practice and the answer is honestly pretty simple: we believe in our patients receiving the best care possible. In treating patients for dry eye, we realized that skincare and self-care play a major role in maintaining long-term relief of dry eye symptoms, which led to having an esthetician on staff in our clinic. After doing a fair amount of research into the world of esthetics, Dr. Denton met Amy Yoder, an esthetician with a focus on practicing medical esthetics. Amy is our skincare guru and helps our patients by addressing skincare concerns while keeping in mind what products and ingredients may worsen dry eye symptoms, which is why every person who has an initial dry eye evaluation at our practice is eligible to receive a free skincare analysis with Amy.

Visit Visionary Esthetics to explore our revolutionary treatments.


Treat Yourself to Our Services

Hand/Arm Massage

Our lives can put a lot of strain on our bodies, particularly on our hands and arms. If you regularly use a computer, play an instrument, or work directly with your hands, you may find yourself prone to aches and pains. Thankfully, there’s a relaxing solution.

A well-performed hand and arm massage may reduce sleep disturbances, as well as feelings of anxiety and depression. Enjoy a soothing massage to ease your tension.


You don’t have to sacrifice eye safety in pursuit of beauty. We offer skincare and makeup lines that are gentle and safe to use around your eyes.


Intense pulsed light therapy (or IPL) uses multiple wavelengths of light to target specific areas on the skin, where the light turns to heat. IPL is used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, body hair, and any hyperpigmented skin.



Microcurrent Treatment

Microcurrent treatments can stimulate the muscles of the face, leading to a more lifted, toned appearance. Shown to reduce wrinkles, the technology used is closely related to the type that’s been used in physical therapy for years. 

The gentle electrical current applied is pain-free and non-invasive, but you may feel the muscles jumping slightly as the technology works. This can lead to a zingy sort of feeling as the muscles are activated.


HydraCleanse treatments are used to cleanse, extract debris from the pores, and hydrate the skin. The gently exfoliating facial can improve skin tone and texture, treat acne, and promote anti-aging. The HydraCleanse facial meets the Visionary Esthetics standard of using eye safe ingredients.


Celluma facials use low-level light therapy to smooth skin, promote collagen production, and heal wounds. Our Celluma facials can target wrinkles, acne, and scarring. Treat skin concerns in a way that’s easy, comfortable, and non-invasive. 

Blend beauty and eye care in one convenient, quick appointment—Celluma can also be used to manage dry eyes and styes. 


Advanced Treatments

Our skilled estheticians can offer a range of specialized treatments to meet your needs. Contact us for more information!


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How To Find Us

We’re located on the corner Depot Street and E Council Street, right across the street from Yadkin House (look for the big pair of glasses on our entrance).

Parking Options

We offer parking around our building and we’re accessible by the Number 2 or Number 3 Bus!

Our Address

228 West Council Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

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Phone: (704) 310-5002
Fax: (704) 310-5003
[email protected]

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8:30 AM5 PM
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